Thought’s about INFJ’s being called ‘Old Souls’

INFJ’s are often described as being ‘old souls’ or ‘wise’. I HATED being a child and couldn’t wait to grow up and am so glad I’m finally a grown up! Anyway’s so I had some thoughts about how INFJ’s understand concepts and ideas with their introverted intuition and how when we express these ideas they … More Thought’s about INFJ’s being called ‘Old Souls’

David Zyla’s Colour/Personality Theory

I am addicted to this colour theory!! It gives an incredibly in-depth insight into your personal style; what colours, textures and shapes work best for you. David Zyla’s theory understands that a persons energy and personality is reflected in their colouring and physical structure. So by dressing to your true colours and your personality you … More David Zyla’s Colour/Personality Theory